• Our style is natural / discreet, please get in touch to see what our full-length films actually look like.
• The only time we take direction is during the getting ready moments in the morning; i.e mum helping with the dress, and during the photo session for the bride and groom.
• For the rest of the day we blend in seamlessly and wait for everything else to unfold and tell its own story.
• Please note, to offer a work of high standards please read the following.
Time Management: you’re getting ready moments and private photo session have to allow us to shoot, with no rush, so we can look for the right angle, the best light and more importantly enough time for you to get comfortable. Stressy and stiff behavior will go to show on camera.
Delegation: We strongly recommend the bride and groom not to delegate on the day, rather it’s best you enjoy getting married and be part of your own celebrations. Stress, panic and disappointment goes to show in the video, if we don’t feel it looks right we won’t film it, which also means we’re limited to content.
Photographer: Using a relaxed, courteous photographer that resonates our natural style will really go far for the video. Please get in touch for our recommended list of brilliant photographers.
Good light: Although we can work with cloud and dull weather (apart from heavy rain), this will reflect the mood for the final edit. 
• The combination of these elements is what it takes to make an incredible video. So, the expectations that you have must resonate with the reality of your wedding day; especially if there are only 4 guests on the dance-floor.


• We are fully responsible for the creativity of filming and editing your wedding video. Your input of music will be considered and contributed to the final product and if there are any scenes you wish to omit we can remove those too.
• It’s important to know there’s no guarantee that the final product will completely reflect your exact expectations, every wedding is a live event and nothing is scripted. We have a very subjective approach for the final product, and it’s important to know that you’ve invested in us and not the ‘uncle with the camera’.

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